January Newsletter From the Pastor


The Christmas season has come and gone. The trees have been put up and are on their way down. We’ve heard the story of Jesus’ birth told from the pages of Scripture. Gifts have been given, some gifts exchanged, the gifts of money have been spent or saved, and gift certificates have been redeemed for valuable merchandise or tasty food. Some have had giant Christmas gatherings; others spent the season alone, lamenting the loss of their family.

After all the wrapping paper has been thrown away or recycled, after all the tears of joy or sorrow have been shed, what is left of this Christmas season?

For some, there is nothing left over. It has been just another time of the year to party or see long lost relatives. But now, it is back to everyday life, waiting for that next big time to get together, maybe Easter, or the 4th of July, or someone’s birthday. Some of us may feel that way, too. Sin has stripped everything that should be left over away. Gone is the Christmas refrain of “Joy to the World the Lord is come!” Gone is the Christmas peace of knowing that our Heavenly Father loves us so much He sent His only begotten Son.

Dear friends in Christ, that is precisely why Jesus came. He didn’t come to leave us with nothing once He had completed His task. He came to leave us with many leftovers! Not that horrible stuff that sits in the back of your refrigerator, but leftovers that are better than the best banquet feast. These “leftovers” are the peace that only God can provide, the joy of knowing that our Savior has not left us with nothing, but rather continues to provide all that we need to support this body and life, and the confidence that He has made everything right between God and us. Even though it may not seem like we have these valuable “leftovers,” it is most certainly true.

Do you have His Word? Have you heard His forgiveness? Have you been baptized? Do you eat His flesh and drink His blood? Then these “leftovers” are feeding and nourishing you! They are “left over” so that you may know that Christ has never left you. Continue to partake on them at every opportunity, for they will nourish you into eternity!

Enjoying “leftovers,”

Pastor Strawn